Beautiful World Books is a collection of nature and community-inspired keepsake books.  The goal of these books is to inspire wonder and dialogue about nature, community, and how we are connected to each other.   A portion of sales support organizations commited to nature conservation and community-building.

The Mighty River is a children's art and picture book written by Taiwanese-Canadian, triple Juno-nominated singer-songwriter, Ginalina. It is inspired from the song "Save the Mighty River" from the Western Canadian Award Winning album Small But Mighty.  The illustrations were created by Kelley Wills


At the heart of this book are multi-layered and meaningful relationships - relationships between the animals, relationships between the plants, relationships between the children and adults, and every combination imaginable.  It is the hope that this book brings every reader a feeling of wonder, joy, and gratitude for the community we share with nature and each other. 

Ginalina has four folk albums inspired by her four children, that have received praises including: 3 Juno and 4 Canadian Folk Music Award nominations, 2 Western Canadian Music Awards Artist of the Year titles, and 4 Canadian Children's Book Centre and National Parenting Publication Awards honours.

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