The Lively Forest

Written by Ginalina

Illustrated by Kelley Wills

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Following 'The Mighty River'

A delicately illustrated, enthusiastic, and informative tour of woodland life for young readers.

— Kirkus Reviews 


The second award-winning book in the outdoor series.  Wander through the trails and explore the diversity of life within the playful forest.  Experience the intergenerational connections through nature.

The Lively Forest is a gentle, engaging celebration of nature.  Readers of all ages will learn about the many birds, animals and insects of the west coast while gaining a greater connection and appreciation of the wonders of our forests.

— Adrienne Gear, BC Teacher, Author,
and Literacy Consultant

... beautifully highlights the community of plants and animals that bring a forest to life. The next best thing to taking a stroll in the woods!

— Arienne Stevenson, Head of Content at Simbi